To whom it may concern. This is by far the best flashlight I've ever owned. I've had it about 4 months and it's in my pocket or backpack anywhere I go. I've recommended you guys to most all my family and friends and they are just as happy with the performance. Keep up the great work and thanks for making such a great product.

Thanks Paul

Just a quick note to thank you for a great light. In May, while on vacation with my mother-in-law in Sanibel, Florida we had occasion to summon EMS to our vacation condo, as my mother-in-law had a heart attack in our living room. Our residence was poorly lit and hard to locate. By using my Bright Strike EPLI I was able to visually share our remote location with arriving EMS personnel. After returning to our home in Indianapolis my mother-in-law had another heart attack in our home. Again, in 3d shift darkness, I was able to direct an arriving ambulance to our residence that is very difficult to visualize as we live in a heavily wooded area. In both cases I believe that precious time was saved by expedient EMS arrival thanks to my Bright Strike EPLI!! THANKS!!! In my law enforcement days I used a non-rechargeable Kel Lite. The EPLI alone would have provided more light.
She,in fact, had heart surgery, is now on renal dialysis. She made it home to Michigan and will be moving down here to INDY. When seconds counted your product made a difference.

Ed Marcus, DDS (Ex sheriff's unit badge #922)

Dear Sir / Madam,
I would like to express my appreciation for your prompt and courteous service. You are exceptional in your concern for problem resolution and your response, in my situation, proves it. I just wanted to say THANK YOU; I greatly appreciate it. Rest assured, if the need arose, I would not hesitate to purchase another one of your products. Again, thanks.


I got your message today (well, I think it was from you), and all I can say is “THANK YOU!!!”

Your lights = awesome, and I recommend them to all my friends (dunno how many actually buy them, but I try).
As a further thank you, I just ordered my third light (3 people in the family, so I may be maxed out for a while), and also recently got the 3 colored lenses.
So, thank you so much for an awesome product, awesome service, and (and this means a lot to me) a LOCAL company—Maine and Masachussetts are close enough for me!!
Take care, and I hope you are avoiding the heat as much as possible..................


Thank You Thank You Thank you Sarah I have been telling everyone what you and your company did for me and ZI hope they listen cause this light has been thee best light I ever had in my 24 years in this line of work 17 years with E.S.U. and 10 years teaching firearms thank you.

Just thought I'd drop a line about my Brite-strike. I am not in law enforcement, but carry it for self defense if needed since I live in Illinois where concealed carry weapons are not allowed. I own several Surefires, but the Brite-strike is far above those in my opinion. I like the strobe, and the tailswitch placement is good. A little hard to turn on, but I like the feather touch switching between functions. That would be easier to use in a stressful situation. I also like the placement of the pocket clip, and so far I haven't seen any other manufacturer putting it on the rear. It sits in a front pocket better without the huge lamp end sticking out, and when you grab it, it's just more natural to pull it out with your thumb already on the switch and not have to flip the light around and risk dropping it. This thing is also built like a tank, I hope you sell a million of 'em. Thank you.

I have reviewed your product in the field and I have found it to be superior and as such I have added to our list of Field Ops necessary kit. I wish you well and I hope that my posting of your item will enhance your sales. ,,If you would like any additional gear reviewed, please contact me at your convenience. This is for our people in the fight!,,Semper Fi,,


Dear Brite-Strike,

My name is Matthew and i recently received the tactical blue-dot flashlight you were kind enough to send me over in Iraq. I would like to start off by saying this is by far the most Superior tactical light i have come across and had the pleasure of using. The Army issues the Z2 combat light made by surefire and now having used both theirs and yours i can honestly say yours is the better product. I have your blue-dot light mounted on my M-4 with a CAA taclight mount, the compact size of the light allows for more room between my foreword handgrip and the light making handling of my weapon and the use of the taclight alot easier, where as the surefires often come in different sizes which sometimes consume the entire rail of the grip. I was amazed when i first turned the blue-dot taclight on at how (brite) and powerful it was the 198 lumen's really is flawless and extraordinary, giving me a much greater advantage when entering and clearing a house in limited visibility. Another feature i really like is the front and rear strike crowns, though it is mounted on my weapon the ergonomic grip is great for hand held use.

As a combat soldier i must say the blue-dot series taclight is the new leader in tactical flashlights and its setting a new, higher standard. It should be a must for every soldier and police officer.

Again i would like to emphasize my appreciation for sending me this light and making such a Superior product, the thought process and considerations that went into this light are amazing and will someday be an asset for all military and civilian forces. Also looking at your website i can say this was a well thought out line of products and and all your lights such as the RID3tacballs are brilliant idea.

I will send pictures of my weapon with the light i you would like, also my apologies for taking this long to give my feedback, things have been tense here the last few days.

Thanks again,

United States Army


Good morning. I am down here in Pennsylvania with everything covered with ice. I'm thus working from home today.

I wanted to let you know that just about an hour ago FedEx showed up at the door with my new light and luckily I was here to get it.

This little light is really fantastic. What a nice, solid, professional piece of equipment. You folks have done a really nice job with this. I'm impressed.

This should work perfectly for me. When I need more batteries I'll be in touch. I'll also see if any of the other folks I work with are interested in any of your offerings.

Thank you so much for All of your assistance. I hope you are having a good week. Take care.


To the Entire Brite-Strike Team,

I've been carrying a Rechargeable Blue Dot for the past year and a half as a college student in NYC, where we can't carry weapons of any kind. Since August 2010, I've also used a ROTO-LOC holster for the light. I've owned many lights, from Mag-Lites to INOVA tactical lights. From weight to ease of use to ergonomics to durability, the Blue Dot is FAR superior. I both look forward to and plan to continue my relationship with Brite-Strike Technologies, with the possible investment in more lights as secondary to my Rechargeable Blue Dot.,,As a person who is VERY critical of quality, features, reliability and durability of EVERY single piece of equipment he uses, I am EXTREMELY PLEASED with Brite-Strike.,,A (belated) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

P.S. Thank you so much for your EXCELLENT customer service!!!!!


brite-strike catalog

brite-strike catalog

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123 Batteries

123 Batteries

123 Batteries

123 Batteries